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About the territory

“ L’Agglomération d’Agen “ (A.A) is a Public intermunicipal cooperation institute intended to allow all the municipalities which adhere to it to drive a project common and shared for development country .

This project is being built to the advantage of people living in Agen and for the community of life of the suburb, in geographical continuity the first priority : « extension of the territory in the urban suburb »

To satisfy the coherent and well-balanced implementation of the skills which are transferred to her, both in the financial plan and towards a fair service to be returned to all the populations of the community, the A.A attempts to register gradually her action in a geographical territory most in possible conformity with that of the Country named « Pays Agenais ».

The process of territorial development of the A.A intervenes, according to the legal rules, subject to the sovereign appreciation of the member municipalities of the Community and with the progressive rhythm that the municipalities susceptible to adhere to it will choose freely.

At the same time as these principles of territorial extension, the A.A adduces, to allow the comfort of life of her inhabitants and the improvement of its skills, actions of cooperation in the direction of the other intermunicipal groupings, since these belong to the same community of life or, to the defect, when the project justifies that.

The application of these territorial principles of development and cooperation is made in the respect for the "natural boundaries" of the « Pays Agenais » without that are affected the other communities of Villeneuvois and Albret.

About the skills

The share of the skills between the A.A and the municipalities which are members there intervenes in application of a process of subsidiarity between the municipalities and the community.

The application of this principle allows the A.A to find an give relevant answers to the needs of the populations concerned through the realization of projects and structuring services of general interest ; the municipalities having authority for their part to keep skills of nearness with the inhabitants (Registry office(Civil status), social action, culture, sport, school action and what they exercise in a more efficient way than an intermunicipal structure whatever it is.

The transfer of the skills in the A.A is build through a permanent dialogue with the municipalities strictly associated with the modalities of their implementation on the territory which concerns them.

This transfer intervenes once it can improve the public service given back to the populations and generates a fair priced public expense

In a general way the A.A will oblige to assume the skills described in her statuses by integrating an approach of sustainable development.

As such the skills completely have to interfere on the conservation of the economy, the environment and the social balances of the community.

About the governance

The Council of the A.A. is organized through statuses by conjugating, in the respect for the legal measures with the representation of the municipalities in function of their population and the necessary recognition of each communal institution.

This double objective, account held by its delicate application towards texts and by the story of the A.A, is gradually approached in a way that the governance of the community is in time more and more in accordance with the importance of the population of the member municipalities and thus more democratic while protecting in every municipality a sufficient representation within the authorities leaders of the community.

In this spirit, the composition of the community council respects as much as possible the principle of the demographic representation of the member municipalities by assuring however a representation balanced in the municipalities to low population and by putting an upper limit of representation, as allows it the law, for the two bigger member municipalities of A.A..

The board of directors executing the decisions of council, consists of mayors in recognition of the member municipalities : " in equal institutional legitimacy, equal representation, and what whatever is the population of the municipality ".

The president of A.A. chairs the council and the board ; he guarantees the community general interest and the smooth running of the institution and does not represent consequently the municipality from which he arises.

About the conservation of the financial balances

The resources to be mobilized by the A.A to assume the development of the skills will have to be respectful prudential ratios which impose upon a followed and well-balanced management of the budgets and the financing to be dedicated to it.

Beyond the means transferred to the A.A to assure its skills, it is allowed that the Establishment and the member municipalities will be strength of proposition to favor any action of mutualization of the services.

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